Nurture the Nurturers!

Join us for a moment of settling in with other mothers who understand what you are wading through.  Learn new self-care tools and connect and find resources.  Participate in rituals that help process letting go of previous identities and physical abilities and lifestyles.  You are not alone.  Join in the comfort of  you own home at an hour that is more convenient.  

Mothers Support Group
starts Soon!

Who we are changes completely when we become a mother. There is a radical shift in everything body, mind and spirit. However, the outside world doesn't necessarily adapt or recognize or validate these shifts within us. Other mothers need no explanations or reasonings- we understand. Join a group of mothers and share in the successes and obstacles of motherhood. You will be validated, supported and resourced in order to face another day as the one who manages and caretakes. This is a 10 week series with 6 maximum participants available. Initial consult necessary to ensure proper cohesion in the group.

 8-9:30pm $40-$60 sliding scale
 Call or text (707) 749-0022
email [email protected]
to inquire about the group and set up a consultation

Facilitator: Deanna Bernard, LCSW 64803
Deanna has an extensive background helping parents, children and families with 18 years experience in the field. She has a passion for group work with expertise on family dynamics as well as feminine resilience building.

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