Nurture the Nurturers! New mother's support group

With all the external influences from media, pop culture and/or peer groups, it can be a feat to learn ones authentic identity in adulthood.  Yet when a woman becomes a mother, that found identity metamorphosizes into something the same yet completely and profoundly different.  All the while, the surrounding world has not changed and is probably not in sync with the subtle and drastic changes of a mother.  For this reason, it is so vital and supportive to have mothering groups in which to share in this transformation.  Mothering can be revelatory on so many levels.  In the same moment it’s amazing and breathtaking as well as terrifying and overwhelming and sometimes disabling. Yet the outside world expects mothers to continue with their previous tasks and smile while adapting to this enormous new responsibility, new identity and new purpose.  Some mothers have various levels of support systems and some have none; yet when mothers all convene together they can relate to each other in ways that transcend other external differences.  
The pandemic dismantled so many support networks.  Fortunately, we are re-connecting those systems.  But one silver lining to the last two years is that we have found a way to embrace each other through technology.  Yes, it’s different than face to face.  But sometimes, mothers do not have the option to find childcare or garner the energy to meet up with people.  The internet has made it possible to access support easier.  
I am starting a Mother’s Support group running for 10 weeks spanning from April to June.  The group will be online and is open to 6 participants.  This will be a confidential space in which to share the good, the bad and the ugly with other mothers who know and understand.  There will be exercises given and helpful self care practices offered to make this an experience where you can exhale and breathe in comfort and a newfound sense of camaraderie.  
Please call me at 707-749-0022 to set up a complimentary individual 20 minute session to assess if the group would be a good fit.