Changing Seasons

The changing of the weather and the seasons can be a beautiful experience; but it can also bring challenges.  Any shift requires adjustment and accommodation.  Let's be gentle on ourselves as we head into Fall.  Breath is vital to our existence and although it is an involuntary behavior in our systems to sustain life; the quality of our breath can be impactful and voluntary.  Practice daily taking steady slow and intentional breaths.  After each intentional breath, note something you are grateful about yourself.  

It sounds simple but the hard part comes in reminding ourselves to implement it.  I'm no exception!  So, together this autumn, let's try this as a community.  Feel free to email me the things that you are grateful about yourselves.  I will start by sharing a few things I appreciate about myself:

a. I truly care authentically and want to do the right thing

b. I put my all into giving my children the best possible care

c. I never give up

d. I actively reach out to those I love and communicate my feelings with them. 

Now in my mind, I honestly have counter messages of all the things I'm not doing correct or as good as I'd like.  To those messages, I give a proclamation of love and compassion:

~Dear self, I'm so sorry you feel those things about yourself.  You are doing the best you can and I love you and am here to support you through the shadows. ~

Life is a journey and we are here to support eachother along the way.  

Have a blessed Autumn! I look forward to breathing with you.